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How to Introduce Manuscript Handwriting to Kids Writing Basics skills

Simple and effective way to introduce manuscript writing to children

Boost kids fine motor skill and enhance manuscript handwriting ability with these printable tools. You will find here several activities like coloring, reading and matching manuscript unppercase & lowercase letters for introduce printing writing to kids


Printing coloring pages

The coloring prepares the children in several activities among which we can mention writing. This is a major asset that enables the development and the gradual discovery while allowing them to have fun. One of the most significant benefits is the consolidation of dexterity, which will allow kids to handle manuscript writing with ease.

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Manuscript reading cards

Writing Without reading is not possible for the simple reason that the child will be satisfied with draw and do not even know what is the point of writing. To avoid such a large error, these manuscript reading cards is provide for alphabet reading, identifying letters and associate sounds. So the child know when he’s writing a letter what exactly it represents.

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manuscript uppercase lowercase match clip card

Cursive manuscript match clip card

After learning to identify and read alphabet letters, children can now go a little bit forward with this new activity. Here they are going to confirm they can make the difference between manuscript uppercase and lowercase letters. To do so, they must match each printing lowercase to the appropriate uppercase on each card.

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