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Printable Manuscript UPPERCASE Lowercase Match Clip Card

Macth manuscript UPPERCASE & lowercase letters – Identify printing letters

Teach children to identify and read manuscript UPPERCASE & lowercase. Playing is the best way to learn and these Printable Manuscript UPPERCASE Lowercase Match Clip Card will prove it to you one more time. The principle to learn manuscript aphabet with these cards is simple, fun and attractive, it gives children a particular interest in this activity.



How to make the learning of manuscript alphabet letters easy with a simple matching game?

It is often surprising how so traditional learning rules are harsh and painful for children. There are many fun and simple methods that are largely save time and simplify the acquisition of the letters of the alphabet to children.
And what we experience there is currently one of the most simple.

Imagine the child playing and both studying three or four times faster; this is the incredible result produced by these manuscript uppercase and lowercase matching cards.

Advantages of manuscript uppercase and lowercase Letter matching cards for Kids

  1. Discover and identify manuscript uppercase and lowercase Letters;
  2. Make the difference between manuscript uppercase and lowercase;
  3. Train the visual capabilities of the child who will be able to easily spot the formal similarities between similar manuscript letters – For example: d, b, q, p.

How to use uppercase and lowercase matching cards

Let’s see de sample image! You’ll find that the principle of Printable Manuscript UPPERCASE Lowercase Match Clip Card game is very simple.
Child should identify the uppercase letter, then use a wooden clothespin to pin the good corresponding lowercase letter to match it.